The Wordsmith Weekly

  1. Inline Feedback Incentives

    What's in it for readers?

  2. Audience Analysis With Inline Feedback

    Question: What's the best way to figure out who's your audience?

  3. Tech Writers As Product Managers

    Tech writer job ladders should include aspects of product management.

  4. What I'm Working On: DevTools Release Notes

    UI integration and vlogs.

  5. Docs need comments, too

    Just like source code, sometimes docs need comments, too.

  6. Documenting Fuzzy Search Interfaces

    When the conventions for normal text boxes don't cut it.

  7. Interactive References

    Make all the things interactive.

  8. Beginner's Mind and Tech Writing

    One way that mindfulness can benefit your tech writing.

  9. Tech Writers As Information Brokers

    How I think about the core job responsibilities of tech writers.

  10. Maintaining Cross-References

    A low-tech solution for keeping cross-references up-to-date.

  11. To Bold, Or Not To Bold (GUI Elements)

    That is the pedantic question.

  12. Technical Writing For Great Fun And Profit

    Or, how I got my start.

  13. Analyzing Docs Journeys With Google Analytics User Explorer

    Like voyeurism, but for technical writers.

  14. Inline Feedback

    An uncommon documentation metric that deserves more attention.

  15. The Fourth Doc Type

    The holy trinity for technical writers is tutorials, guides, and references. But maybe it's time to get a little heretical and introduce a fourth doc type into our establishment.

  16. Responsible Redirects

    A pattern for handling redirects when there isn't a one-to-one mapping between the old docs and the new.

  17. Effective Education

    Technical writers, and the knowledge professions in general, are in the business of education. How do we impart knowledge to others as quickly and effectively as possible? Where should we look for models of effective education?